Our Beliefs

We think that everyone in this world have the right of privacy, It's not just something you demand it's a right for you. And we are exchanging a huge amount of information everyday, but sadly there is no place for privacy because all of our information is on companies servers, and if a hacker can gain access to this data our personal life will be exposed that's why we tried to provide a solution to protect your information, So you can send it with a good level of security, And it's totally 100% free no ads what so ever, So now no one can charge you for your private life ! And we believe of software freedom and people should pay nothing in order to use a software.

Creator of Crypto Ghost

Crypto Ghost is developed by Ahmad Almorabea (@almorabea )


- Sincere Thanks to Dr.Mohammed Ahtisham who gave useful feedback and a great insight about the application.

- Sincere Thanks to Philipp Jovanovic (@Daeinar) who gave feedback in an early steps of the software development and great comments on some cryptographic primitives.

- Sincere Thanks to Eng.Waleed Arkanji for Graphic Designing .

- Sincere Thanks to Irene Carrasco for Translating Crypto Ghost to Spanish .

- Sincere Thanks to Jennifer Blum for Translating Crypto Ghost to German .


Bouncy Castle

The Legion of the Bouncy Castle


Jean-Philippe Aumasson, Samuel Neves, Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn, Christian Winnerlein


Colin Percival