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  • What is Crypto Ghost ?

    Crypto Ghost is an application to encrypt files and make it inaccessible for unauthorized parties.

  • Who is it for ?

    Crypto Ghost is available for anyone who are interested in security and privacy whether it's technical people or non technical people.

  • Who Created Crypto Ghost ?

    Crypto Ghost is developed by Ahmad Almorabea

  • How do you make money ?

    we believe of software freedom that's why Crypto Ghost is 100% free software beside it's not profitable project but we don't say no for donors to motivate the project but making profit will not be the goal of Crypto Ghost.

  • Does Crypto Ghost require an Internet Connectivity ?

    No, We want our users to see that every encryption process will run locally without the help of any servers and to make sure that we don't save or keep your information , but in the same time you can share the encrypted files and decrypted files with any application you want.

  • Why Should I take Backup for my key ?

    Sometimes you need to change your phone or the phone stop working for any reason so any file that you already encrypt with your key will be lost and can't be recovered again, so you need to take a backup of your key so you can restore your key in any device again and recover you files.

  • How Can I get a Backup for my key ?

    Go to Settings - and press "Key Backup" and your key will be saved in " CryptoGhost - Key " folder, Note here that this key will be encrypted with your current "email" and "password" so you have to remember that when you want to restore the key.

  • How can I restore my key ?

    In order for you to restore your key, You have to copy your key inside "CryptoGhost - Restore" folder and the file name should be "key.crypto", to complete this process you have to put your email and password that you choose previously when you took a backup in order to decrypt the key.

  • Can I translate Crypto Ghost ?

    We will be more than happy to translate Crypto Ghost for several languages so if you can help us we appreciate that

  • Do you have privacy policy ?

    Yes, You can check it out here

  • Uninstalling the application

    When you uninstall the application from your phone and re-install it again you will get new private key, even if you put the same information. so any encrypted files that you encrypt with the previous key will not be recovered ! so keep this point in mind.

  • What's Crypto Ghost Encrypted files Extension ?

    Crypto Ghost is generating files with the extension "cg".

  • Why Encrypted files can't be send through some messaging applications ?

    When Crypto Ghost encrypt the files this process will encrypt the whole file, So the encrypted file will not be recognisable to be an image any more that's why some messaging application that don't support documents will not accept this file, So try to use an application that support documents. .

  • Why I can't share encrypted files through Whatsapp ?

    Whatsapp doesn't support documents like (pdf, word ,...) , it only support (Audio, Images, Videos), The encrypted file will count as a document and whatsapp can't support that, So it's not a problem from Crypto Ghost it's a problem from whatsapp .

  • How secure is Crypto Ghost ?

    Crypto Ghost is using modern technologies and standard cryptographic primitives and if you are interested you can see our Advanced FAQ to see for your self.

  • What Kind of encryption Algorithm do you use ?

    Advanced Encryption Standard "AES" with 256-bit key .

  • Why should I trust you ?

    Crypto Ghost is an open source software that means the code is available for anyone to review and to see that we don't have anything to hide beside we don't require any internet connectivity so there will be no process running on servers "what you see is what you get".

  • Is there a log for every encryption process ?

    No, every encryption process you perform will not be recorded.

  • What happens If I encrypt the same file twice ?

    If you encrypt the same file twice you will get different output so if a hacker intercept the encrypted file two times he can't tell if it's the same file or not .

  • If I register with the same information (email and password) in two different devices would I get the same key ?

    No, Even if you put the same information (email and password) you will get different private keys .

  • I can't register an account

    Check your password length it should be at least 10 characters.

  • I can't login to my account

    Check the upper-case letters and lower-case letters in your email and password if you put "Food" it's different than "food".

  • Problem in encrypting the file

    if the image in the encryption screen doesn't convert into "Bad lock" image this maybe means the file is corrupted or Problem in getting the file path, And you have to choose the file from internal storage .

  • Error Codes

    [Error 1] : Encryption problem.

    [Error 2] : Encryption problem.

    [Error 3] : Corrupted file.

    [Error 4] : Encryption key problem.

    [Error 5] : Corrupted file.

    [Error 6] : Corrupted file.

    [Error 7] : Corrupted file.

    [Error 8] : Short Buffer.

    [Error 9] : Decryption problem.

    [Error 10]: Decryption problem.

    [Error 11]: Decryption key problem.