What's this

Crypto Ghost

Crypto Ghost Is an android application that will protect your privacy by encrypting your files so you can save it encrypted in your device or share it with your friends it's that simple.. Crypto Ghost is easy to use. you just have to put a password of your choice and an email address and then crypto ghost will generate a key for you it's that simple .. encryption software's are known for their complexity so that's why Crypto Ghost is designed to help anyone with a simple and easy interface it's not designed just for the technical people Crypto Ghost is using modern technology and cryptographic algorithms and if you are interested in specification you can visit the documentation page and you can check for your self ..

Crypto Ghost Features

Check out Crypto Ghost features :

  • Internet Connection

    No Internet Connectivity required.

  • Modern Technology

    Crypto Ghost uses modern encryption schemes and well tested algorithm .

  • Open Source Project

    Crypto Ghost is an open source project so you can check the code and help us make this app bug free .

  • Encrypt & Share

    You can encrypt for your self and for your friends .

  • Handling Private Key

    You don't have to memorize your Private key it will be saved for you .

  • Remove Metadata

    Remove Images Metadata and send your images without any embedded information .

Encryption & Decryption


Crypto Ghost use Advanced Encryption Standard “AES” algorithm in GCM mode with 256 bits key length so now the encrypted image will ensure confidentiality and authenticity (integrity) and in this scheme we use nonce with 16 bytes length. Nonce value it will be different for every encryption process and it will be unique for every image, and this nonce will be on the first 16 bytes in the image file and you can see the encryption process.


Decryption process will be the opposite.. Crypto Ghost will take the encrypted file and then extract the nonce and put it all in the decryption algorithm .

Removing Images Metadata

Crypto Ghost will give you the ability of removing images metadata.. from now on don't worry about sending images with embedded data .